Aydian Dowling: Transgender Activist & Entrepreneur

Aydian Dowling

With a breakthrough cover feature in Men’s Health magazine, multiple appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and the CEO of the Point of Pride nonprofit that’s helped over ten thousand people receive gender affirming garments and surgeries, Aydian Dowling is an admired household name in the transgender community.

Aydian faces off against a system that puts trans and nonbinary people as second priority and created a social platform, Trace, where they are celebrated and safe.

“It’s like Cinderella. The shoe fit and I was like, okay, now I can go back to my castle.”

TRACE mobile application:
Point of Pride – providing financial aid and direct support to trans folks:
Aydian Dowling’s website:

Aydian on Instagram:
Aydian: @alionsfear
The TRACE app: @thetrace.app
Point of Pride: @pointofprideorg

Aydian on Twitter:
Aydian: @AydianDowling
The TRACE app: @TheTraceApp
Point of Pride: @pointofpride

Aydian Dowling’s loyal followers have found strength and courage through Aydian’s kindness, confidence, and vulnerability
traits he also brings to his role of devoted husband and father. His dynamic public speaking, insightful consulting,
and compassionate entrepreneurship have transformed thousands of people into passionate leaders and allies of
the trans community.

With the TRACE APP Aydian continues his work by creating a first-to-market mobile app for Transgender and
Nonbinary individuals and their Allies to document their transition and build life-saving community.

Aydian Dowling is an inspiring role model and a beacon of hope for transgender and non-binary people all over the world. In 2009, Dowling posted a video of their first hormone shot as part of their transition and has since gone on to have a successful YouTube channel with over 81,000 subscribers, appear on the Ellen show multiple times, become CEO of a nonprofit providing AIDS to trans folks, be featured on magazine covers, and launch their own mobile app for the trans community. From the simple video they posted in 2009 to the inspiring success they have achieved today, Aydian Dowling is an inspiring and thought-provoking example of what can be achieved when we stand up for ourselves and our community.

As a transgender man, he is showing the world that trans and non-binary people can be successful and can have successful careers. Aydian’s story is a powerful example of what is possible for trans and non-binary people, and what can be achieved when given the opportunity. He is a beacon of hope for trans and non-binary people who are looking for role models and for examples of what their lives can look like. Aydian’s journey from YouTube sensation to entrepreneur, activist, and model has also helped to raise visibility for trans and non-binary people. He has become a public figure, and his visibility has helped to increase understanding and acceptance of trans and non-binary people. He has also used his platform to speak out for the rights of trans and non-binary people and to advocate for the issues that are important to them. His work has helped to create a more inclusive and equitable society for trans and non-binary people.

Point of Pride

Point of Pride was founded by the leadership of Point 5cc, a clothing and apparel company by and for trans folks.

Since 2011, Point 5cc had donated a portion of proceeds of every order to an Annual Transgender Surgery Fund. Point 5cc also began one of the first and largest international chest binder donation programs as well as a breast form donation program.

Demand for support from the community grew quickly, far outpacing what the small company was able to provide.

That’s why Point of Pride was formed in 2016—an independent sister non-profit organization with a dedicated team to grow our fundraising efforts, help more members of our community feel affirmed and celebrated, and speak out for the need for inclusive and supportive changes in our society.

Since then, Point of Pride has awarded almost half a million dollars in direct financial assistance and donated thousands of gender-affirming garments to trans youth and adults in all 50 states and around the world.


The premise of TRACE was simple. Create an easy-to-use application for folks in transition to better track their journey. To transition is to continually strive to be your most authentic self. The founders wanted to build a place not only to celebrate you, but to assist with tracking the many dates and possible events related to your transition. While They know this process has been done for decades without a space like TRACE, what they saw in TRACE was a streamlined experience that was guaranteed to make tracking one’s transition easier and more enjoyable.

Owned and operated by transgender folks, TRACE seeks to provide those in transition, the safest place to document and celebrate their journey among a trusted community of allies.

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