Take Me “Out” to the Ballgame with Bryan Ruby

Bryan Ruby wearing sunglasses and dressed in a baseball uniform
Bryan Ruby talks about coming out while being an active baseball player, founding a non-profit, and his country music career.

Bryan Ruby talks with Brad about coming out last year and being the only out while active ball player at the time. They also discuss Proud to be in Baseball the nonprofit he started to provide resources, educational opportunities, and raise awareness while building the LGBTQ community in America’s pastime. And as if that’s not enough, Bryan is a rising country music star.

Bryan Ruby is a trailblazing professional baseball player and rising country music artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. In September of 2021 he became the only active professional baseball player to come out as gay, and his story was featured in USA Today as well as 100+ media outlets around the world including CBS, Yahoo, Bleacher Report and Teen Vogue. As an artist, he won Season 7 of the talent-search competition Nashville Rising Song, and his first single, ‘Left Field’, was featured on The TODAY Show and added to rotation on SiriusXM Country Pride, as well as the Academy of Country Music’s Ultimate Pride Playlist.





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