Comedian ANT: A Journey of Humor, Recovery, and Kindness

ANT sitting next to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show
Hear ANT discuss filling auditoriums, being a guest on talk shows, having his own show, the wealth that came with it all and then finding purpose after it all came crashing down.

Join comedian ANT as Brad’s guest and be inspired to get up and create change with kindness.

“It cost nothing to be kind. And I wasn’t always kind. I got wrapped up in fame for a long time. I got wrapped up in money. I got wrapped up in the trappings. And I forgot the cardinal rule that my parents brought me up with, which is kindness is always important.”

ANT is an internationally renowned comedian and actor, known for his appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Tyra Bank Show, and NBC’s Last Comic Standing. He is passionate about using comedy to bring attention to different perspectives and to help people forget their pain.

ANT shares this story, and reflects on his journey as a comedian addiction, recovery, and how kindness is essential. He emphasizes the importance of laughter. He also encourages people to ask for help if they are struggling with depression or mental illness. In the end, he reminds everyone “It costs nothing to be kind.”

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. The Role of Comedy in Raising Awareness: Explore how comedy can be used to draw attention to difficult topics and how comedians take the “temperature of America”.
2. Mental Illness in the Entertainment Industry: Investigate why depression and substance abuse are more common among entertainers, and how to foster a supportive environment.
3. The Power of Kindness: Uncover the importance of kindness and how it can help people overcome difficult times.

Follow ANT:
Twitter @antcomic
Instagram @theofficialant

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