Emmy Award Winning Careers & An Award Winning Friendship : Mark McNease & Rick Rose

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Discussion with Mark McNease and Rick Rose, two Emmy award-winning friends who have maintained a strong bond despite going in different directions in their careers. Rick is still involved in television production, while Mark is now a prolific author. They also co-host a podcast together, In addition, they share the importance of long-lasting friendships.

Mark McNease and Rick Rose have been collaborating for over 30 years, beginning as members of a Los Angeles theater group in the 1980s. They’ve worked together in stage, TV and a number of projects, including many years as co-hosts of a series of podcasts, culminating in The Twist Podcast now in its fourth year. Mark lives in rural New Jersey, Rick lives in Madison, WI. They share two Emmys for the children’s program they co-created, Into the Outdoors, that just celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Website to find “The Twist Podcast,” Mark’s “One Thing or Another Podcast,” and information regarding Mark’s novels:

The Twist Episode 213: Brad reads a listicle.
The Twist Episode 217: Brad is a guest.

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About Mark McNease

Mark McNease is an author of mysteries, a podcaster, and a two-time Emmy Winner for a children’s TV show he co-created, called ‘Into the Outdoors.

He’s the author of the Kyle Callahan Mysteries, three of which have been best sellers on Kindle. His Linda Sikorsky Mystery, ‘Last Room at the Cliff’s Edge’, was called a winner by Publishers Weekly. He released ‘Murder at the Paisley Parrot: A Marshall James Thriller’ in 2017, with its follow-up, ‘Beautiful Corpse’ in March, 2020, and the third book, ‘Final Audion.’ ‘Black Cat White Paws: A Maggie Dahl Mystery’ came out in 2018, followed by his supernatural chiller, ‘A House in the Woods.’ Maggie Dahl returned in ‘Open Secrets’ in 2022 and is currently resting up for a third adventure.

His short story ‘Stop the Car’ was selected as a Kindle Single and is now an audiobook narrated by the amazing Braden Wright. It was selected twice to be included in the Amazon Prime reading library. He has 9 audiobooks in total, available for your listening pleasure.

>Mark lives in the New Jersey woods with his husband, Frank, and their two cats, Wilma and Peanut.

About Rick Rose

Rick Rose is an Emmy award winning producer who works for Discover Mediaworks, based on Madison’s Eastside. He is also a social activist and entrepreneur. Born, raised, and educated in Wisconsin, Rick is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Beloit College, after starting his college career at Bennington College following his senior year of high school in Osaka, Japan. Fluent in Japanese, German, and English, he is an active fighter for equality, children’s and women’s rights and an advocate for those living with AIDS, addiction, abuse and cancer. He serves on the Wisconsin Statewide HIV/HCV Statewide Action Planning Group and co-chaired the Pride in Prevention Coalition addressing the opiod crisis in Dane Co. He travels the country speaking on Community Grieving as a result of the impact of COVID-19.

He has volunteered for economic betterment projects and has led sustainability efforts in New York City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Hannibal, Mo., Shreveport, La. and now Madison, Wis. where he has lived for five years. He is an active member of Heartland Church in Sun Prairie.

Local Politics

In the interview, Rick Rose shares his experience as a county supervisor in Dade County, Wisconsin, where he sponsored 40 resolutions related to issues such as LGBTQ rights, abortion, and opioid recovery. He emphasizes the importance of getting involved in local politics, which has a more significant impact on people’s daily lives than national politics. Mark McNease also shares his personal experience of getting involved in local politics by joining a democratic group in his township in New Jersey. They both agree that school boards are a crucial area where LGBTQ people need to focus on.

Local politics is often overlooked, yet it has a profound effect on our lives. It shapes the policies and laws that govern our communities, schools, and cities. Local politicians are accountable to their constituents and can be more responsive to their needs. By getting involved in local politics, we can make our voices heard and bring about meaningful change. Whether it’s running for office, volunteering for a campaign, or attending a town hall meeting, we can all play a role in shaping our communities.

Long-lasting Friendship

Mark and Rick have been friends for over 30 years, and they share their experiences of going through tough times such as the AIDS crisis together. They emphasize the importance of having a strong bond with friends, especially in difficult times. They also debunk the myth that two gay men who are close friends must have explored a romantic relationship. They emphasize that their relationship is purely platonic and that they love each other like brothers.

Friendship is essential to our well-being. It provides us with emotional support, companionship, and a sense of belonging. Friends can help us navigate through the ups and downs of life and provide us with a different perspective. Friends can also challenge us to grow and become better versions of ourselves. By cultivating meaningful friendships, we can enrich our lives and create lasting

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