Aggressive, Playfulness: The Best Kind of Music with Mr. Slade

Mr. Slade makes music that sounds like Sweat, Beer and that feeling you get when you're done work for the weekend. Can a love revolution truly start on the dance floor? Join us as we explore this possibility while discussing his unique blurring of music genres and allow his aggressive fun nature to motivate you.

Mr.Slade is a musician from Ontario, Canada. He is heavily influenced by the music of the 80s and 90s, which he blends flawlessly in his music. He is able to mix elements of hard rock, grunge, metal, and electronic music together and come up with something that sounds unique.

Can a love revolution truly start on the dance floor? Join us as we explore this possibility with my special guest, Mr. Slade, while discussing his unique blurring of music genres and allow his aggressive fun nature to motivate you.

Throughout our conversation, we dive into Mr. Slade’s electrifying, sexy blend of metal, techno, and disco. We discuss the power of music and how it can transcend differences to connect people on a deep, personal level, fostering understanding and compassion. Discover the importance of maintaining integrity in the face of differing beliefs and how Mr. Slade’s music acts as an extension of his political and spiritual views.

Learn how music can have a transcendent, healing effect even in the darkest of times, and connect people with differences in beliefs. 


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Brad sits down with Mr. Slade for an invigorating discussion about the intersection of music, aggression, personal integrity, and connecting with others. Mr. Slade is a musician, songwriter, and music producer who, despite obstacles as a brown queer person in metal music, harnesses his struggles and turns them into strengths. Mr. Slade shares how his love for music and pursuit of what he likes has always been a priority, rather than pleasing others or simply existing in the world. He recognizes that he is the person he needs to impress, freeing him from relying on anyone else’s approval. Pursuing one’s satisfaction may sound selfish, but it provides a path towards personal integrity and avoiding the need to placate others.

The conversation continues with Mr. Slade sharing his perspective on metal music and his interest in taking the aggression in metal and merging it with other genres, like pop. He believes that aggression and playfulness can co-exist, and that it’s possible to create a pop song with an aggressive background. Mr. Slade’s love for Blondie, and similar bands and musicians, inspired him to blend different music genres and create music that challenges preconceived notions about the people who make it. Moving beyond music, Mr. Slade touches on politics and personal integrity. Despite having different beliefs from others, he still promotes empathy and compassion as methods to connect with others, rather than canceling people who hold differing beliefs. Using personal experience, he emphasizes one’s upbringing or politics doesn’t define if someone is a good person, and encourage authentic personal connection.

One of the most powerful moments of the podcast comes when Mr. Slade speaks to the Love Revolution he aims to start through his music. Unlike a protest march or other political movements, Mr. Slade stresses that starting a Love Revolution on the dance floor can have more significant impacts on fostering compassion, empathy, and tolerance. Mr. Slade’s perspective on music, politics, personal integrity, and connection with others is inspiring and emphasizes the importance of empathy and authenticity in creating a more connected world full of love and acceptance.

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